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Please note: the following questions have been raised by drivers and operators because they need to be clear cut and precise. We have requested the relative authorities to answer these questions so we have an accurate account of what the correct procedures are for each question.

1. Can I use a bus lane?

Unlike hackney carriage drivers, private hire drivers cannot use bus lanes

2. Can I prevent a passenger who refuses to pay the fare, from leaving the vehicle, until the police arrive?
No you may be liable for prosecution and charged with kidnap.

3. Can I stop on a clearway to pick up or drop off a fare?
No you cannot at any time stop on a clearway for any reason.

4. Can I refuse to pick up a passenger who appears to be drunk or under the influence of drugs?

Yes, but please use discretion when in this situation.

5. Can I refuse to pick up a passenger whose clothes /shoes would soil the inside of my vehicle?

Yes, but please use discretion when in this situation.

6. Can I refuse to follow the instructions of a policeman or traffic warden, if their instructions would contravene the conditions on my licence ?
No, if you are instructed by an authority figure.

7. Do I have to notify the Licensing Authority if I get points on my licence?
Yes upon return of your licence you have 7 days to produce them to licensing.

8. Do I have to carry my licence documents and vehicle documents in the vehicle with me?

All you have to have in your possession is your badge witch must be displayed along with your vehicle plate.

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