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Taxi Watch™ has already been endorsed by a number of Local Authorities and  Police Authorities. They have indicated, how much they appreciate the value of a method of internet based communication across the whole Private Hire and Hackney sectors of the taxi industry.

Local Authorities have expressed a keen desire to contribute to Taxi Watch™, each taking space to relay information, advice and guidance for drivers and operators.

Our aim is to achieve national coverage with Taxi Watch™, giving every Council, Licensing Office, Police Authority, Taxi Operator and most importantly every Taxi Driver a voice which will have a platform across their own area and across the country.

Private Hire Association
This company was set up for Private Hire Drivers in 2003.
The Private Hire Association (PHA) has been actively involved within the private hire sector for over half a decade. They have expertise and the know-how in dealing with issues arising from the private hire environment. PHA voice the opinions of taxi drivers and has taxi drivers on its board to support their co-workers needs. PHA is a strong and cohesive organisation that will aid the success of this initiative and also support the campaign through its vast network of members.

PHA is a founding member of Taxi Watch™

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Castle Cars Private Hire Ltd.
Established for over 30 years and Birmingham’s largest fleet of private hire drivers. Authorised Guild of Students and Hospital Contractors.

Castle Cars have constantly pushed the boundary for the modern day private hire service. Dealing with Birmingham’s largest private hire fleet allows Castle Cars to become the perfect candidate to pilot such a scheme. Castle Cars also has a massive influence on local firms in creating the trends in ways forward to achieve optimum safety and regard for its customers alike. Castle Cars forward thinking and professional approach will ensure the final product and its benefits.

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West Midlands Police
Striving to achieve safer streets in our environment, West Midlands Police will be a valuable and  highly influential member of this initiative. With current campaigns such as ‘Driver Watch’ in action already in Dudley, this will be the perfect opportunity to introduce this live initiative to central Birmingham. Working  together with the Police will help crime prevention and also, hopefully solve crimes as well. This will ultimately become a merger of two sectors that will benefit the public as well as the drivers. Our goals are the same and working together can only achieve that.

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