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Our Primary Objectives
Primary Objectives
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Our Primary Objective
Taxi Watch™ is the only solution of its kind in the Taxi industry.
We have taken the initiative, with an innovative web portal, which will allow us to communicate directly with the whole hackney and private hire industry. Continually increasing demands for a service which takes the issues of the industry seriously have led us to appreciate the need for this approach.
To achieve our primary objective, We aim to -:
  1. Provide increased security for Private Hire and Hackney drivers throughout the UK.
  2. Counter the ever increasing threat of crime against drivers, whose vulnerability has been tragically demonstrated recently.
  3. Offer solutions such as safety screens.
  4. Advise Councils, Police Authorities and Operators.

This initiative has come into being, as a result of demands in the area from drivers who feel that their concerns are not being taken seriously and are consequently ever more worried about their safety.

This initiative has been taken from a demand in this area. Private Hire drivers are ever more concerned about their safety than ever before. A positive approach in providing safety equipment such as the Safety Screens has opened up doors for much more stringent security measures.
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