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Conditions Apply

Become a Member
Please Note: General members of the public and others are not permitted by authority to become a member and cannot join due to the obvious data protection and security reasons.

Stringent security measures, including human verification is used to identifying potential members.

Taxi Operators
Operators firms with a valid Operating Licence. You will need to send a hard copy of your Operators Licence by Post.
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Taxi Drivers
Drivers must first be members of a Registered Taxi Operator (Taxi Firm, Company) who has also gone through a similar verification process.
Licensing Authorities/Council
Local authority officials can also gain access to our service and place any valuable information that may be of importance to drivers and others involved.
Law Enforcement
Police Officers and other Law Enforcement Agencies are encouraged to join as part of the Safer Streets Campaign. Valuable information can be relayed between all parties.

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Please Read Carefully First!
- You must provide correct and valid details in order for us to carry out a full manual inspection of your application.
- Successful applicants will be sent there unique USER I.D. and PASSWORD via the users email address.
- Private Hire Companies (Operators) will also be required to send a HARD COPY of their OPERATORS LISENCE by POST.
- All drivers must be associated with a registered Operator.

- Licensing Authorities/Council personnel please provide your employee status in 'Op. Licence/Driver No.' field. i.e. Licensing etc.
- Law Enforcement personnel please provide your Rank and Collar Number followed by your Station Details.
- All successful applicants will receive a Welcome Package through the post within 5 working days.

Membership Application Form
[please fill in all fields]
You are a
Company/Firm Name:
Op. Licence/Driver No:
[Rank & Collar Number if Police Officer or Dept.]
Your Name:
[OCU Station if Police Officer]
[Dept. if Licensing/Council]
Contact No:
Email Address:

Your application will be delt with by a member of our team, who will reply as soon as possible.

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