For Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Drivers
safer streets initiative
Who Are We?

The first of its kind in the Taxi Industry
Taxi Watch™ has been established to support
Taxi Drivers while they are at work and ensure a
safer, secure enviourment for the Driver as well
as reduce crime against Taxi Drivers.

Who Are We?
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Taxi Watch™ is first and foremost created for the safety of Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Drivers.

It has derived from the initiative taken from both local businesses and local authorities after the tragic murder of a Birmingham Driver.  Mohammed  Arshad’s death has meant that  greater measures need to be taken to protect drivers and their passengers alike. Taxi Watch has been created for this purpose, giving the drivers and local authorities the technological edge against crime.

Taxi Watch™ is a bespoke piece of software which can be accessed securely via the internet. It is specifically tailored to meet the safety needs of today’s drivers, it is available for authorised members after going through a verification process.

These members will include Operators, Drivers, Police Officers
and Council Officials. Information will be shared within all parties
creating a portal for intelligence gathering and crime prevention.


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